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About USIU: USIU Programmes and Contacts

In getting to know the various USIU Courses, it is common practice to know more about the institution. United States International University – Africa, also known as USIU Africa, is a private university in Kenya. It is accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE) that is mandated to ensure access to quality education under favourable learning conditions for both tutors and students.

As a quick overview, the university was established in 1969 as the Nairobi Campus of United States International University (USIU), a San Diego-based institution. In 1999, the United States International University, Nairobi Campus, established itself as a separate university under its new name: USIU Africa.

Campuses that offer USIU Programmes

It is worth noting that USIU operates only one campus or learning centre that serves as the main campus. However, in its strong commitment to provide accessibility to quality tertiary education in Kenya, it has partnered with several universities in Kenya and beyond.

About USIU Programmes

USIU is renowned for courses in the field of Business, Accounting, Journalism, Psychology and Technology. These courses have been divided into different levels of study such as undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The wide variety of courses implies that students have flexibility in choosing courses that are in line with their career development.

USIU Courses: Bachelors Degree Courses

The courses in this level of study are part of the undergraduate studies offered at USIU. These USIU courses are tailor made to enable one make excellent career choices and that is favourable to him or her. The bachelor’s degree courses are:

  • BSc. Accounting
  • BSc. Business Administration
  • BSc. Finance
  • BSc. Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • BSc. International Business Administration
  • BSc. Tourism Management
  • BA. Criminal Justice Studies
  • BA. International Relations
  • BA. Psychology
  • BA. Journalism
  • BSc. Applied Computer Technology
  • BSc. Information Systems and Technology
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy

USIU Courses: Masters Degree Courses

Postgraduate studies are vital in career growth and development. USIU programmes provide an excellent opportunity for both of these through their well taught Masters Courses that are listed below:

  • Master of Science in Organizational Development
  • Global Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • BA. Clinical Psychology
  • BA. Counselling Psychology
  • BA. International Relations
  • BA. Communication Studies
  • BSc. Information Systems & Technology

USIU Courses:  PhD Courses

Ever wanted a doctorate degree in field such as business administration, psychology and international relations? Welcome to USIU courses. The PhD Courses offered at the institution include:

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations
  • Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) Clinical Psychology

USIU Contacts

It is easier than before to contact USIU for more information on USIU courses. For starters, you can use USIU Google Map is an excellent resource that will direct you to USIU University using whatever means of transportation you have.

Additionally, more information can be obtained using the following contacts:

United States International University – Africa,

P.O. Box 14634 – 00800,

Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa,

Telephone: +254.730.116000 | Fax: +254.20.360 6100



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