Kibabii University Fee Structures for All Courses

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Kibabii University Fee Structures for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies

Kibabii University is a fully fledged public university in Kenya located in Western Kenya with the main campus in Bungoma County. As part of the admission process, Kibabii University fee structures have been made according to the various levels of study.

There are different fee structures fro those pursuing various courses. It is important to note that charges may are often different especially for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Additionally, fees for self sponsored students are normally higher than the government sponsored learners.

Some courses also require more resources for efficient training hence attract higher fees. To kick us off consider:


KUCCPS Kibabii University Fee Structures

KUCCPS is the new university placement portal that was formerly known as the Joint Admission Board (JAB). Students admitted through this placement system are normally eligible for government sponsorships hence lower fees compared to self sponsored learners. They may also apply for the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) for government loaning to supplement their school fees.

Download KUCCPS/Government Sponsored Fee Structures

Self Sponsored Kibabii University Fee Structures

As the name suggests, self sponsored means that the student caters for all the fees required by Kibabii University. They do not receive any government incentive hence their fees are higher than KUCCPS students. However, they are also eligible to get loans from the government through the Higher Education Loans Board.

Kibabii University Fees for Certificate Courses

Certificate Courses in Kibabii University are necessary for academic growth and development. Therefore, it is important to check the fee structures for these basic yet very foundational courses:

Kibabii Fees for Diploma Courses

Diploma courses are essential in any public university. They enable one to acquire practical skills that are instrumental in the work industry. Kibabii University’s Diploma students pay fees as scheduled in the below structures:

Kibabii Fee Structures for Masters Courses

Masters is one of the postgraduate studies administered by Kibabii University. They can be done on either full time or part time bases. Check out the fee structures for Kibabii University’s students by using the download link below:

Kibabii Fee Structures for PhD Courses

Doctorate courses are the ultimate when it comes to categorization of courses. For one to be considered a true scholar, he or she must undertake a doctorate course and carry out a meaningful and viable research in one’s field of study.

Postgraduate Diploma Kibabii University Fee Structure

Postgraduate Diploma is a nice addition to any student who has already graduated. It makes one to be competitive and remain relevant in his or her field of study. Check out the fee structures for Kibabii University for those wishing to pursue this level of study at the institution.

Other than the above fee structures of the courses offered by Kibabii University, there are other structures that Kibabii University oversee to ensure the smooth running of the institution. These extra university fee structures of Kibabii University College include:

Kibabii Fee Structures for KASNEB Students

These are essential for those pursuing courses such as CPA, CS and others that are overseen by this examination board.

Special Note on Kibabii Fee Structures

Some of these Kibabii University Fee Structures were last updated by the institution in the previous academic years. Therefore, it is important to confirm with the institution for the updated or revised fee structures and payment details.

You are free to contact the institution via:

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